Puppies (04-24-2003)

The proud dad:
CH Jandal's Stagecoach

The proud mom:
CH Jandal's The Seven Year Itch
"Norma Jeane"

Five girls, born April 24, 2003
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19 days old:
4 of the girls are busy solving world problems..
the 5th has gone to get pizza!
May 12, 2003

28 days old: May 22, 2003
Sleeping off a big, delicious meal of puppy-mush!
(crushed Science Diet Puppy food mixed with hot water -- Yum!)

At 33 days of age, the First-Born puppy is taking this posing for pictures stuff way too seriously!

"Marilyn" is very dignified at 3-1/2 months. We have high hopes for her in the coming years!

Play Time! The puppies much prefer empty yogurt containers to high-falutin' expensive dog toys for entertainment!

"Kota" relaxing after a hard day of play in her new home in Missouri.

"Elke" relaxing also..although she is living in Maryland...how about that for family resemblance?

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