Our Champions - Part 2

CH Jandal's Artic Flo Cover Girl
August, 1990

CH Jandal's Jasmine Star Dancer
November, 1990

CH Jandal's Some Like It Hot
September, 1991

CH Jandal's Vodka Martini
Sue Ellen
April, 1993

CH Jandal's Bourbon And Branch
June, 1993

CH Jandal's Hot Toddy
February, 1995

CH Jandal's The Seven Year Itch
"Norma Jeane"
November, 1995

CH Jandal's High Society
April, 1996

CH Jandal's It Takes A Thief
May, 1998

CH Jandal's City Slicker
May, 1999

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